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Messy Movers Spring


January 8, 2024 – March 11, 2024


5:00-5:30 pm

Ages 3-4
Class Size



Paramount School of the Arts

20 South Stolp Avenue, Aurora, IL, USA


Paramount School of the Arts

20 South Stolp Avenue, Aurora, IL, USA


Is your little one bursting with energy and creativity? Messy Movers is the ideal class for them to channel their wiggles and scribbles into imaginative play! In this 10-week adventure, our young creators will:

  • Express Through Movement: Release boundless energy through dynamic movement activities, helping your child develop coordination, balance, and motor skills.
  • Artistic Expression: Dive into the world of art-focused lessons, where your child will explore various creative mediums, fostering their artistic talents.
  • Collaborative Play: Encourage social interaction and teamwork as children create together, learning the joys of cooperation and communication.
  • Inspire a Love for the Arts: Lay the foundation for a lifelong appreciation of the arts by igniting your child’s passion for movement and creativity.
  • Fun and Exploration: Embrace the messiness of creativity as your little one explores, experiments, and expresses themselves freely.

Messy Movers is the perfect gateway to a world of imagination, self-expression, and artistic discovery. Join us for 10 weeks of fun and artistic exploration in Messy Movers.

January 2024

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