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Kids Improv Spring


January 10, 2024 – May 1, 2024


6:00-7:00 PM

Ages 9-12
Class Size



Paramount School of the Arts

20 South Stolp Avenue, Aurora, IL, USA

Paramount School of the Arts

20 South Stolp Avenue, Aurora, IL, USA

Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey into the world of improvisational theater with our Kids Improv course. This class offers an exciting opportunity to:

  • Seize Spontaneity: Hone your ability to think on your feet, react in the moment, and create compelling scenes without a script.
  • Enhance Communication: Develop stronger communication skills, active listening, and teamwork as you collaborate with fellow improvisers.
  • Embrace ‘Yes, and…’: Embody the tenets of improv to build narratives, explore characters, and keep the story flowing.
  • Creative Scene Work: Dive into various improv games and exercises to sharpen your comedic timing, character development, and storytelling prowess.
  • Confidence Building: Boost your self-assurance both on and off the stage, as you learn to trust your instincts and embrace the unpredictable.

No prior experience is necessary – just an open mind and a willingness to dive into the world of spontaneous creativity. Join us for Kids Improv and discover the joy of improvisation, where every scene is an adventure waiting to unfold!

*Suggested yearlong enrollment

January 2024

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