American Psychic
by Marla Frees July 14


What to Expect

Author and former actress Marla Frees will lead a discussion on stage alongside longtime friend Jim Corti, Paramount’s Artistic Director, about listening to your intuition. Marla will then work with the audience sharing her psychic and mediumship gifts.


$20 show ticket only or $35 show ticket plus Marla’s new book American Psychic. Seating is general admission and first come, first served. Lobby doors open at 6:30 p.m. Theater doors open at 7 p.m. Following the show, a reception will be held 9:30-10:30 the Atrium just outside the Copley Theatre.

The Book

American Psychic: A Spiritual Journey from the Heartland to Hollywood, Heaven, and Beyond by Marla Frees ON SALE JUNE 5 retail value $17.99

While shooting a TV commercial in Los Angeles, Marla Frees was given a message. The father of the actor sitting across from her wanted the actor to know he was happy about the new baby. But there was a twist—the father was deceased.

The actor was shocked. Marla was God-smacked. As she writes in her rollicking, utterly fascinating memoir, American Psychic, this was just one more example of the strange yet love-infused events taking place in Marla’s life:

How did this happen? Did the dead set it up, casting Mike and me together on a national television commercial so Mike’s deceased father could communicate with him? Was the love between Mike and his dad so strong that God facilitated this? These interventions had taken over my life. In fact, they were more deep and meaningful than my day job as an actress. How did my life get to look like this? Me, a Pennsylvania feed salesman/pig farmer’s daughter who survived the danger in my home and later in the world of national and international mobsters and then landed in Hollywood and balanced sitcoms, spirits, and a stalker.

I was on the ride of my life. Dead people, murder, Hollywood heartthrobs, sex, psychic visions, and UFOs were all a part of it. I found myself catapulted and positioned into situations with psychic awareness and messages from deceased loved ones to assist people from all walks of life—including the most skeptical…

Increasingly, messages from deceased loved ones and a powerful psychic awareness demanded her attention. Marla followed her heart, left acting, and never looked back. She now uses her gifts to help families from the heartland to Hollywood find healing.

In American Psychic, Marla Frees’ story of spiritual transformation takes us into realms that will astonish, inspire—and heal.

About Marla Frees

Marla Frees Transformational Psychic Medium
Marla spent 25 years as a successful TV and stage actress. Increasingly messages from deceased loved ones, and a powerful psychic awareness demanded her attention. Marla followed her heart, left acting, and never looked back. She now uses her gifts to help families from the heartland to Hollywood find healing.

Psychically, Marla is able to see, hear, and feel information that provides truly unique insight about any aspect of a person’s life… their family, health, work, home, relationships, and even pets!

As a medium, Marla facilitates relationships between the living and those who have crossed over. It is Marla’s experience that consciousness survives death. Marla can hear what the dead have to say, she can feel their emotions, and she can see what they want to show us.

Marla has appeared as a psychic medium on A&E, Bravo, History Channel, SyFy, TV Land and Gaia TV’s “Beyond Belief” with George Noory. On the radio, Marla has appeared on George Noory’s “Coast-to-Coast,” Lisa Garr’s “Aware Show,” and dozens of international podcasts. Marla is a co-host on’s “Dreamland,” and most recently she appears in YouTube teleconferences with physicist and author Tom Campbell, blending physics with metaphysics to understand the “science” of how Marla works, making the paranormal—normal.




—Ramey Warren, co-creator of Crossing Over with John Edward