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Acting on Camera Adults Spring


January 9, 2024 – April 30, 2024


8:00-9:00 PM

Ages 19+
Class Size



Paramount School of the Arts

20 South Stolp Avenue, Aurora, IL, USA


Paramount School of the Arts

20 South Stolp Avenue, Aurora, IL, USA


Unleash your potential as an on-screen performer in our dynamic Acting on Camera Adults course. Whether you’re an aspiring actor looking to transition from the stage to the screen or a newcomer to the world of acting, this class offers a comprehensive exploration of:

  • Camera Techniques: Learn the intricacies of acting for the camera, including framing, shot angles, and on-screen presence, to deliver compelling and authentic performances.
  • Character Development: Dive into character analysis, motivation, and backstory to bring your roles to life, creating memorable and emotionally resonant portrayals.
  • Audition Preparation: Gain valuable auditioning skills, including cold readings, self-taping, and strategies for standing out in a competitive industry.
  • Scene Work: Practice the art of script analysis, dissecting scenes and understanding subtext to deliver nuanced and layered performances. Collaborate with fellow actors to rehearse and perform scenes.

Whether your goal is to become a screen actor, improve your existing skills, or simply gain a deeper appreciation for the art of acting on camera, this class provides a supportive environment for growth and creativity. Join us for Acting on Camera and embark on a captivating journey to unlock your full on-screen potential.

January 2024

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