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After listening to numerous Subscribers, we learned that seeing Paramount’s Broadway shows once just isn’t enough. You want to hear the resounding orchestra, see the towering sets and experience the magic of Broadway one more time. So, we’ve created the Encore Subscription: a special program that allows you, our valued Subscribers, the chance to see each Broadway show again for a discounted rate. You’ll be able to watch first-hand how a Broadway production progresses over the course of the run, and it’s totally personalized to you. Our Subscriber Services staff will work with you to find the ideal seats and dates to view every show in our Broadway Series a second time. Plus, as an Encore Subscriber, you’ll enjoy all the benefits as your original Subscription: same seats for each of your Encore Subscription performances, free exchanges, discounts on additional tickets and tons more.

As a valued subscriber, if you ever wanted to see our shows for a second time, this is the best deal for you. For more info, simply call Subscriber Services at 630.896.6666.

The Encore Subscription: because once just isn’t enough.

Ask about the Encore Subscription when you renew.


What is an Encore Subscription?

The Encore Subscription is a special program created for current Broadway Subscribers to give them an opportunity to see our productions for a second time. We’ve heard from numerous subscribers that they would love to see a show again but don’t want to pay the price of a single ticket. The Encore Subscription offers the multiple show package at a discounted rate, along with the same subscriber benefits. A 4-show Broadway Subscriber currently receives a 10% discount off tickets purchased in addition to their subscription. With an Encore Subscription, that 10% discount would increase to 50% for the 4-show package.

How does the Encore Subscription work?

The Encore Subscription works the same as your original subscription but requires you to choose a different performance date and time. You must subscribe to the three remaining shows this season to take advantage of the Encore Subscription. If you currently see our Broadway productions in the beginning of the run, the Encore Subscription allows you the opportunity to choose a performance date and time at the end of the run so that you can see how the show has progressed. This can work in reverse, as well. If your original subscription is at the end of the run, we suggest buying an Encore Subscription at the beginning of the run.

How much does it cost?

An Encore Subscription costs the same as the current subscription offer. When renewing your subscription Broadway Series, add on the Encore Subscription for the same price as your original subscription.

Can I have my current subscriber seats?

We will try our best to get you your same seats, but because you’re picking another performance date and time for your Encore Subscription, it may require you to pick new seats based on availability. This will give you the opportunity to see our productions from a different view, which is one of the reasons the Encore Subscription was created.

What seats are available?

Please call 630.896.6666 to find out what seats are available for your preferred performance date and time. A Subscriber Services staff member will work with you on picking the best seats for you.

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