The scene:  A large group of neighbors comes together for a compelling event. Spellbound, they look to an expansive stage where a gripping plot unfolds toward an uncertain conclusion…

Until last week, that could describe just about any evening in Paramount Theatre’s nearly 90 years. Today, it describes an experience we’re all sharing, as we watch our community adjust to the disruptive effects of the coronavirus.

The stakes are high; the final act is unwritten, and we’re all part of this story.

Paramount is playing its part. To help end the virus, we’re supporting the call for social distancing by darkening our theater, rescheduling major events and postponing the launch of key productions.

What we’re not doing is losing sight of the future. Social distancing aside, we know our audiences thrive on stories that bring us together – stories of relatable characters triumphing against the odds and emerging stronger than ever.

Those are the stories we all need to hear right now… and they’re the stories we at Paramount will be itching to bring back to you as soon as possible.

Want to play your part in this comeback story? Please consider sustaining your subscriptionlistening for news of our reopening… or perhaps even making a contribution to help us weather today’s uncertainty. Such statements of resilience will have enduring effect – because, as this crisis passes, institutions that knit our community together will be more important than ever.

As a friend of Paramount, you know it first-hand: music and theater enrich and delight us, connecting us to our shared humanity. We are honored to be a bright beacon for this community, and we vow to return with productions more dazzling than ever. Thank you.


Tim Rater
President and CEO
Paramount Arts Centre, Inc.