Today is Giving Tuesday! Appropriately, it’s right on the heels of Thanksgiving! Giving support is the ultimate expression of valuing what you most appreciate. And there are so many worthy causes and organizations deserving of one’s gratitude today. At Paramount, everyone who comes to love it here realizes that their gift’s reach will be vast. Whatever the amount, your donation actively participates in the tremendous expansion happening here in service to you, your community, and the City of Aurora. Great civic pride is taken in the support from our subscribers who are now totaling over 40,000 making us the second largest subscription based-theatre in the country!

While invigorating growth downtown, you can see your dollars at work in support of our award-winning Broadway Series, the Save-A-Seat Campaign (the new seats are beautiful!), the Paramount School of the Arts opening June 1 and the modernization of the North Island Center’s Copley Theatre. CEO and President Tim Rater has big plans envisioning opportunities for the creation of new musicals, venues, and programming.

You are a part of all the possibilities and all this excitement with a simple contribution.

Paramount is a non-profit organization at work for the community in which it thrives. You’ve seen what can be done here. See yourself in the progress. Give thanks and give to the future. Own it. It’s yours by giving today!

Love & thanks,


Give today