When I’m asked, “So, how’s your summer going? Getting some downtime”?

My reply is, “Aw, there really isn’t any downtime.”

Naturally you’d think there would be, but summer is when all the work is being done on the new Broadway Series‘s casting and designs. Dear reader, planning for the future never ceases around here. The promise of new musical development is constant and Paramount’s Production, Marketing, and Sales staffs are in perpetual motion presenting the abundance of diverse, dynamite concerts for your entertainment at RiverEdge Park and Paramount Theatre. All-star programming this fall includes tribute acts (Purple ReignBarbra and Frank) and comics (Craig Ferguson and David Sedaris). Working all of this at the same time, how do they do it?!

Last night, the Chicago Theatre community honored director/choreographer Rachel Rockwell in a beautiful and moving memorial at Drury Lane. Remembering Rachel stirred tears and laughter with a poignancy that stunningly celebrated her influence on so many who knew and worked with her. Times like this make us think about life; how strong an effect each of us can have on one another when we are doing what we love with people that we love for people that we love. And that so describes our Paramount family dynamic.

The tasks before us are not only accomplished in a most creative and collaborative way; we are changed, transformed, elevated to our higher power.


We not only see the best in each of us cooperating for the common good, but we are individually made better, evolving and ennobling each other. This is healing and hopeful! The crowd of artists and friends last night renewed my gratitude for my Chicago theater family and our Paramount Nation. I left the ceremony on a high and energized, inspired to think of the good around us. It brings to mind how in Once, Girl says to Guy, “We are saviors, you and me, hah?”


Love & thanks,



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