Raise your hopeful voice

You have a choice

You’ll make it now


Awoke this morning hearing these words in my head. They’re lyrics to the gorgeous, haunting melody of “Falling Slowly” in Once written by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová and in Paramount’s production sung by Barry DeBois and Tiffany Topol. Hansard and Irglová also play the singer-songwriter-musicians in the film and won the 2008 Academy Award for Best Song. DeBois and Topol are excellent singer-songwriter-musicians themselves, as well as beautifully compelling actors in our new production closing our seventh season. The song goes on:

You have suffered enough

And warred with yourself

It’s time that you won


We all have heard words similarly in our heads at different times in our lives, I think, just never put so simply, eloquently and meaningfully perhaps as in this story. Our more personal thoughts and expressions have a more universal reach. It seems the most personal work is most identifiable to the most varied experiences of those who are listening. 

Three weeks of rehearsal conclude today before we move onto the Paramount stage tomorrow. The “Designer Run” this afternoon is attended by our designers, running crew and staff to prep them for Tech this week. Not only the specifics and precision of cues will be assessed by the run, but even more significantly perhaps, the heart of our work together will be revealed.

Speaking of songs, Paramount’s Director of Education and Community Engagement Shannon Cameron has created a two-part songwriting workshop (May 8 and May 15) open to experienced songwriters or if you’re just beginning to find your voice! It’s called Be a Builder of Worlds and will be led by Chicago area singer-songwriter Andrea Dawn and Once cast member Larry Tobias! Everyone is welcome, but space is limited, so reserve your spot here,

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Once opens April 25. Don’t miss it!

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Tiffany Topol plays Girl and Barry DeBois plays Guy in Once. Photo credit: Thomas J. King
Tiffany Topol plays Girl and Barry DuBois plays Guy in Once. Photo credit: Thomas J. King