Saturday night, ladies and gentlemen, Million Dollar Quartet reached a fever pitch at Paramount! I don’t know what it is, but there is something about these young men and their singing, their playing, and the way time stands still to trigger the crowd into a type of hysteria! The interpretation we have found of this show is a source of both pride and humility for how it surprises beyond expectation.

It’s astounding; the nostalgia of seeing these idols of 50’s rock ‘n’ roll just starting out on their road to fame and fortune, and the unforgettable influence their music has on our lives to this day!


Which reminds me, dear reader, that with all due respect, those who have seen the show in Chicago, Branson, on Broadway or wherever haven’t seen this show before! There are folks who still miss the fact that this is a new, original production licensed to Paramount and made in Aurora – cast, designed and built right here.

The Broadway Series does not present tours of anything you’ve seen before anywhere else.


We are a regional theatre privileged to serve you from a pool of talent brought together to create productions you will only see here and never anywhere else again. And, I might as well mention while I’m at it, that the music you hear is always live, and in Million Dollar Quartet, played by the actor/singer/musicians on stage. There are those who are under the impression otherwise and understandably, I suppose. Nevertheless, my friends, it’s true! (And not too good to be true!)

Love & thanks,


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