On Sunday night, Paramount’s Broadway Series Season 6 came to its grand finale as the cast of Jesus Christ Superstar ​took hold of the hearts of one of the largest and most enthusiastic audiences the theatre has ever had. The woman sitting next to me had returned for her fourth time and signifies the connection so many theatre-goers, music lovers and fans of the show have experienced here. Everyone has an individual relationship with this story which dwells within our psyches, personal and subjective. That sensitivity has been served with great emotion and wisdom by director/choreographer Ron Kellum. The dynamic cast embraced the crowd so fervently and joyfully with singing like you’ve never heard before while an unmistakable poignancy and pathos continued to unify the diverse audience during Christ’s passion. With our magnificent orchestra, the audience became a powerful gathering in the temple of art; voices raised in worship from the stage to the cheers of the standing ovation, soul stirring and exhilarating!

Six years of the Broadway Series has been brought to quite the dramatic finish. Triumphant, after the final curtain on Sunday, the closing night party moved to Leland Legends for dancing, food and drink, and a nod to my birthday coincidentally the next day. I’ve got a lot of love in my life to be thankful for. This old guy doesn’t take any of it for granted. Next morning, Memorial Day, was a time for reflection. I thought of those who have given their lives fighting for our freedom. Freedom costs. At the party, surrounded by friends and artists and coworkers with fresh, creative ideas and skills so appreciated and encouraged by our audiences, I realize how lucky I am. How lucky to be safe in Aurora, free to collaborate on theatre that is an agent for change in the growth of this town and an agent for change in the growth of the performing arts. How lucky I am Tim Rater called me six years ago. My next year begins as our sixth season ends with so much work to do preparing for the seventh in the fall! Stay with us!

Love and thanks,