Jim Jarvis, VP of Marketing, emailed me requesting I do a quick video shoot announcing a one-day-only, matching gift, fundraising campaign. The campaign is called “6/15/15” which is this Monday! The Dunham Fund has supported The Broadway Series since we began four years ago and will, on this day, match every dollar you donate with two dollars! Extraordinary! This creative idea came from the need to find a way to offset costs for the upcoming Broadway Series Season Five productions and also beef up the funds for our “Dreams Do Come True” program for underprivileged kids which affords them the chance to see a Paramount show for free! Some 3,000 students attended last year!

Paramount Theatre is a non-profit organization garnering widespread recognition for its contribution to the artistic development of the Chicago Theatre Scene right here in Aurora. As a result, our fair city has reaped the benefits of countless thousands of patrons enhancing Downtown Aurora’s visibility and economic growth. The quality of productions you experience here has set a new high in musical theatre-going standards. Raising the bar and keeping it aloft comes at a cost. Maintaining affordable ticket prices, the best bang for your buck anywhere, comes at a cost as well. At only four years old, we are still in our infancy and cannot sustain our progress into Season Five without you. Beginning this fall, you will see even more of the most spectacular sets, the largest and most talented casts and biggest A-list orchestras we have yet produced! Paramount has taken ownership of its responsibility to be accountable for every donation which contributes to the fresh, vibrant and thought-provoking new takes on the Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize winning champions of Broadway Musical Theatre. You see your dollars at work. Our audiences have taken ownership of The Broadway Series. Let’s see what we can do together in one day! It’s an investment in our future…in the kind of theatre-going experience you’ve grown to love…how you share it with your friends, your family, taking pride in it being made in Aurora for an audience as wide and diversified as can possibly be reached. 

Mark your calendars for this Monday! 6/15/15! ​

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Love & thanks,