Gathering thoughts feeling scattershot all over the place this morning. Riding a high of work-through sessions that are bringing plans for our upcoming productions into sharper focus, creative energy crackles around the table as our designers meet with super-assistant Trent Stork and myself on how to make a difference in giving the best of everything we’ve got into production. Long hours are spent discussing how every detail serves the big picture; the effectiveness of the writers’ intentions successfully reaching the hearts and minds of our audience. How a certain actor enters a scene, wearing “this,” looking like “that,” while the set does “this” and how the choreographer approaches a particular sequence of dance, its music and story…how to make it feel as if you are seeing it for the first time! It is this very energy at this point in the planning and creation of the production that makes all the difference months from now. Casting offers have gone out, and fingers are crossed actors accept and return a signed contract. If actors only knew how irreplaceable they are! How their rightness for a role syncs up with the production concept and how they fit with their fellow actors cast around them! There is nothing random about casting, and we have had great good fortune at Paramount in that everyone appearing on our stage feels especially destined to be there, meant to be! Your artistic director here has the daily pleasure (even almost hourly!) receiving compliments on the sensational talent coming to Aurora performing in Paramount’s Broadway Series. Emails, Facebook messages and posts and handwritten letters pour in congratulating us on the caliber of work and praising the skill and heartfelt performance of our actors. CATS is scoring big with the crowds here stopping the show with applause, cheers and laughter. And you won’t be disappointed with MARY POPPINS, TOMMY and LES MISERABLES. The plans are looking astonishing and, dear reader, full of surprises visually and emotionally! Click here and check out how to be a season subscriber. The value cannot be beat and the theatrical experience is one of a kind. Whether these shows are your old favorites or never been seen, critics and audiences alike are recognizing theatre-going as an event at Paramount to share with friends and family, taking the experience home and into their communities. Don’t shy away from being a first timer; you won’t regret it! Join those who are now taking pride in being a subscriber “from the very start with MY FAIR LADY” just three short seasons ago!

Apologies, I’m off and running late! Today and days ahead this week are full of working on bringing you the very best!

Love & thanks,