I’m trying to find that moment of stillness…to reflect, absorb, receive all the goodness that has manifest upon the closing of Season 3 and the completion of the run of RENT! It is a moment of thanksgiving, celebration and congratulations…remembering speaking face to face with members of our audience, shaking hands, giving and getting hugs, with life long friends and new friends and patrons I’m meeting for the first time. It has been a true Season of Love! We’ve time traveled New York City from IN THE HEIGHTS’ Uptown to Midtown’s 42ND ST. to RENT’s Lower East Side with a trip to the Viet Nam War’s Fall of Saigon for good measure; MISS SAIGON for very good measure! Every story is a love story. This season full of fascinating history and diversity, glorious music and thrilling performances all about who wins love, who loses love, and who never even knew the gift of love. The sadness and joy of these stories is being felt in this moment of farewells, but the momentum begun is unstoppable moving our work forward into next season. Without ever feeling I’ve properly thanked and praised everyone we spend all day yesterday in auditions for CATS, as we will today and into auditions for TOMMY tomorrow and Thursday. It makes for a heavy heart to say thank you and good-bye while at the same time the heart lights up as you are welcoming the talents who will bring in next season! I’m sitting here with you riding an emotional roller coaster as it dawns in Aurora and on the dawn of a new era for Paramount. It feels very alive! Good morning, everyone!

My love & thanks,