Dawn is breaking bright blue over sun-shining roof tops and barely budding tree tops on but another cold Aurora morning!  But there is at least heart warming news to report!  After a quick catch up meeting with my boss Tim Rater yesterday, I learned Paramount’s Broadway Series subscriptions have sold some 12,500 in three weeks! Mostly renewals, much of this is taking advantage of the pre-sale subscriptions continuing until April 6th…don’t miss out and click here for details.

Also learned that last week during RENT’s second week, three times more tickets were sold than 42ND ST. in it’s second week of the run…we are growing fast! RENT closes April 6th and this is a great way to bring our third season to an end, ladies and gentlemen!  I can feel my heart beating quicker when I attend the theatre and see families sharing the powerful and poignant laughter and tears of RENT. How it is a real generational event for parents and their sons and daughters to experience together, with it’s brilliant rock score and even it’s R Rating! There is a sense of a wonderful understanding of it’s themes of love and friendship and all of us living in the moment. Being there feels so alive! The performances are raising the bar with this company’s excellence both in singing and acting and the physical production is stunning. RENT is new to most and I’m struck with how this audience is discovering a new favorite.  But for all it’s uniqueness and groundbreaking effect, it is an old fashioned love fest by the end of the show and the audience rises to it’s feet in applause and cheers before the cast even takes a bow. Every time this communion, community, togetherness that simply takes my breath away. So right and rare. Could not be more proud of this audience!

Plans are full speed ahead for next season!  Auditions have begun for MARY POPPINS, and soon CATS, TOMMY and LES MISERABLES! Concepts and design, actors, music…it all goes on and on in a life in the theatre!

My love & thanks, Dear Reader!