While the frigid winds blow and it’s 30 below, there is no retreating this morning!  Defiance and full speed ahead!  RENT rehearsal begins in less than three weeks!   I’m behind on finishing lists and schedules and prep work I want to accomplish…but it always feels like this!  That I’ll never be ready enough.  And it always works out.  The energy focuses.  But the process of art always leads to an unknown, unexpected result.

So moving this morning viewing a couple of films researching RENT…a response from cast members to my letter emailed to them yesterday to welcome them to Paramount and preparing and readying themselves for this world, this work, this story we are about to tell…our rock opera about life on Avenue A in NYC, 1991.  They were kids then.  Research and history become important to getting to the truth about these young artists living impoverished with HIV during The Early 90’s Recession.  A couple of films were suggested so I’m online checking out “Paris Is Burning” about the gay culture of Vogue Balls in late 1980’s Manhattan and “How to Survive a Plague”…which opens with author/activist Larry Kramer, at the top of his lungs: “40 million infected is a plague!  We’ve got to get our act together!”…a brave, great man…how his voice wakes everybody up!  I remember the death tolls rising, the sadness and fear… and think how far we’ve come today because of courage like his. Decades ago, folks.  So much has changed.  So much has stayed the same.  Rediscovering and reliving and celebrating love and passion is what this RENT experience, what its humanity and spirit, is going to be about for us…and for you!

Raves from critics and our ecstatic audience are flooding our email boxes and Facebook pages on the knockout dancing and performances in 42ND ST.!  Your attendance is supporting one of the most successful runs of our still growing Broadway Series Season 3!  We are taking great pride and progress into planning next season.  Without your enthusiasm, none of this would be happening!

The top notch performances given to our audience 8 shows a week continue this week and next until Feb. 9th.  The glory days of Broadway are transported to right before your eyes!  Unbelievable talent!  Right here at Paramount in Aurora!

See ya there!