Saturday afternoon, I had my first taste of the excitement for the Aurora Public Library Annual Teen Talent Show!  We have very hard working, serious young artists in this town!  The honor of being a judge brought with it the realization of the significance of these free programs and their importance.  These teen singers, dancers and musicians impressed with the discipline and hours of practice they brought to their performances.  And most of all, their love for what they are doing filled The Copley Theatre while the packed house cheered them on.  Afterwards, I just couldn’t leave and got into a discussion with the event organizers on how to make it an even more educational process and find a way to give these students individual  feedback and encouragement.  The lessons learned about preparing and performing and connecting their work with the audience are invaluable to them in this program, and they are learning this all first-hand on their own.  Amy Fischer Roth, congratulations to you and your team on a great event!  Proud to represent Paramount and look forward to next year’s show on August 9th!  And to the performers, I cannot encourage you enough to continue doing what you love to do!  You are excellent!

RT Lorenz just popped into the office on his way to get a file to start installing the light plot for In The Heights.  Yes, it’s here!  Rehearsals begin Monday, ladies and gentlemen!  The streets of our downtown will be filled with the beautiful cast walking their way from the Rehearsal Hall at The Elks to the local restaurants to the Costume Shop on Downer to the Paramount itself!  It’s the first sign of the end of summer – the new fall season will soon begin!

Gotta run…late for a meeting and the to-do list awaits!

Thanks for checking in!