Dance Competitions


Talent On Parade (TOP)  Thursday, April 28; Friday, April 29; Saturday April 30; Sunday, May 1  Website

NexStar  Friday, May 6; Saturday, May 7; Sunday, May 8  Website

Star Power  Thursday, May 12; Friday, May 13; Saturday, May 14; Sunday, May 15  Website

**For more scheduling information, please contact each competition organization individually. Times will be posted here when confirmed.



In order to help us with dressing room assignments, please CLICK HERE to fill out the Studio Attendance Form. Each studio must fill out this form at least seven days prior to competition date.


All Dance Competition participants must read the full rules and regulations. 


Our No. 1 priority is for the safety and well-being of all competitors while at the Paramount, both on-and-off the stage.  Because of the multitude of dancers and staff backstage, space is extremely limited.  With that in mind, we ask everyone to adhere to the following rules:

  • Props will only be allowed to be stored backstage TWO numbers prior to the dancer’s performance
  • Only props required for that particular performance will be allowed to be stored backstage during that time
  • After the performance has been completed, props must be immediately removed from backstage to make room for other props
  • No props will be allowed to be left on stage for daily use or weekend use

In addition, no vehicles will be allowed to park in the back alley of the Paramount during competitions. Any unauthorized vehicles in this restricted area will be ticketed by the Aurora police.  We appreciate your assistance and cooperation in these efforts.



Please read the rules & regulations for more information regarding parking and download a parking map below. NOTE: There are two free lots (Lot A and Lot W) on River Street (three blocks from theatre) with up to 500 parking spaces total. The Stolp Avenue Parking Deck (Lot G) is $1/hour with max $5/day, and the Casino Galena Parking Deck (Lot V) can cost up $10/stay.



There are many delicious, convenient and affordable dining options in the Downtown Aurora area. The Paramount Theatre Grand Gallery Cafe will also be open during dance competitions.



These nearby hotels offer lovely accommodations at a reasonable price.